XR2206 Signal Generator

A basic low-cost Signal Generator ideal for the learner or engineering student, offering 1MHz Frequency, Sine/Triangle/Square, 1Hz~1MHz Output.



Basic Function Generator for Engineering Students

A basic low-cost signal generator that is suitable for the learner or engineering student and able to generate Sine, Triangle & Square waveforms for working with basic electronic circuits.
Together with the DSO-150 Oscilloscope and the XY-SK80 PSU, you will have a complete test bench at your disposal.  Purchase the complete Student Pack at a discounted price.


  • 1MHz Frequency Output
  • Sine/Triangle/Square Wave
  • Output 1Hz~1MHz
  • Adjustable Frequency Amplitude

Function Generator Package Includes:
XR-2206 Signal Generator, 9V Battery connector.


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