SK80 Programmable Power Supply


0.6~36V Programmable Power Supply, ideal regulated PSU for students & hobbyists to accurately power their engineering projects.

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Programmable Power Supply for Students & Hobbyists

This small 0.6-36V 5A Adjustable Regulated laboratory Power Supply is a handy companion on the desk of engineering students and hobbyists needing to supply power to their engineering projects.
It features a variable output of 5V, 12V, & 24V.  This PSU has hardware and software protection, including overvoltage & overcurrent protection.
Together with the DSO150 Student Oscilloscope and the XR2206 Function Generator, you will have a complete test bench for your engineering studies.


  • Supply Voltage: 0.6 ~ 6.0V.
  • Input voltage: DC 6.0V~36V.
  • Voltage accuracy: ±0.5%+1 byte, Resolution: 0.01V.
  • Output voltage: DC 0.6V~36V.
  • Output current: 0-5. 100A.
  • Current accuracy: ±0.5%+3 bytes, Resolution: 0.001A.
  • Output power: under natural heat dissipation 80W.
  • Soft start: Yes
  • Overvoltage protection (OTP), overcurrent protection (OCP), overpower protection (OPP), overtemperature protection (OTP), input under-voltage protection (LVP).
  • Input reverse connection protection: Yes, reverse connection does not burn.
  • Anti-backflow at the output: Yes, can be directly connected to the battery.
  • Output short circuit protection: Yes, the output can be shorted directly.
  • Temperature protection (OTP): Yes, 100 ℃.
  • Working frequency: 180KHZ.
  • Size: 79 x 42 x 24mm, 105g.

PSU Package Includes:
SK80 Programmable Power Supply

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