UT12D Voltage Detector


A handy contactless AC Voltage Detector that will detect the presence of AC voltage of 24V ~ 1000V through the wire’s insulator.  Ideal for Electricians.

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Non-contact AC Voltage Detector

The UT12D from Uni-T is a simple and very handy electrical tool to detect the presence of any AC voltage above 24V.  The user is fully protected from the voltage because the UT12D Voltage Detector doesn’t need direct contact with the electrical conductor or wire – it detects the voltage through the wire’s insulator.

Electrical Specifications:

  • Voltage Sensitivity:  24 ~ 1000VAC
  • Bandwidth:  50/60Hz
  • Safety level:  CAT IV
  • Voltage Indicators:  Audio beep and flashing light
  • Battery Indication:  LED will not flash if the battery is less than 2V.  Beep sounds may be weaker
  • Silent Indicators:  LED flashing only, saving battery
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Auto Power Off:  Yes (3 minutes)
  • Low-voltage Mode (<90V) – Green display: audio systems, arc welding machines, underground mining illumination, cables with thick insulation layer, other weak electromagnetic AC signals
  • High-voltage Mode – Red display:  urban electrical supply and three-phase systems

Package includes:
UT12D Voltage Detector, 2 x AAA batteries, Printed User Manual