Tecpel 20000 Count LCR-612 Meter

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Portable Digital 20000 Count LCR Meter measuring Inductance <10,000H, Capacitance <20,000uF & Resistance <10MΩ – DEMO model

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Portable Inductance, Capacitance & Resistance 20000 Count LCR Meter

The Tecpel LCR-612 is a versatile and portable handheld LCR meter. It is used to measure the parameters of the component such as inductance, capacitance and resistance.  This 20000-count LCR meter has an automatic ranging dual display. For resistance, it has a basic accuracy of 0.5 %, while for inductance and capacitance, it has a basic accuracy of 0.7 %. Its dual display gives rapid tested results read-outs. The dual display consists of an LCR display with 19,999 counts and a QDR display with 9,999 counts.
The LCR-612 provides an abundance of features and excellent specifications. It can be used by a professional electrician or technician to do field measurements, while also being useful in the lab. With its isolated RS232 interface and external power, it is also suitable for use in automated test environments.

Technical Specifications:

  • Inductance:  0 ~ 10,000H (0.1uH resolution)
  • Capacitance:  0 ~ 20,000 uF (0.1pF resolution)
  • Resistance: 0 ~ 10MΩ (0.001Ω resolution) and bigger
  • Test Frequency: 1KHz and 120Hz
  • Range Mode: Auto and Manual
  • Measurement rate: Approx. 1 time per second, nominal
  • Auto Power Off
  • L.C.R and Q.D.R modes
  • Manual & Auto Range
  • Selectable test frequency
  • Series & Parallel modes
  • Min/Max/Average mode
  • Delta testing mode
  • Adjustable tolerance testing
  • Battery-powered for portable fieldwork (1x 9V battery)
  • Optically-isolated RS232 interface for automated testing
  • Specially designed for SMD (surface-mount) testing
  • Overload Protection: 0.1A/250V fast below fuse
  • Dimensions:192mm (H) x 91mm (W) x 52.5mm (D)
    Weight: 365g (including accessories)

Package includes:
LCR-612 Meter, Crocodile-Clamp probes, 9V battery, Optically isolated RS232 cable, CD with software & documents, printed User Manual

Please note: This is a demo model with a 6-month limited warranty.

Recommended Accessory: TL-06 Surface-Mount SMD Test Probe