Hantek1833C LCR Meter


Portable Digital LCR Meter measuring Inductance <2000H, Capacitance <20mF & Resistance <20MΩ.  Ideal for the professional Electrician or Technician.

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Digital Inductance, Capacitance & Resistance LCR Meter

The Hantek1833C LCR Meter is a portable handheld measuring instrument to measure the parameters of the component such as inductance, capacitance and resistance.  It is powered by a 5V lithium battery. This electrical instrument will meet the requirements of desktop LCR applications and can also be applied to flow measurement and handheld measurement.  This makes it ideal for the professional electrician or technician to do field measurements while also being useful in the lab.

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency: 100Hz ~ 100kHz
  • Inductance:  0 ~ 2000H
  • Capacitance:  0 ~ 20mF
  • Resistance: 0 ~ 20MΩ
  • Accuracy: 0.30%
  • Equivalent Circuit: series, parallel
  • Test Level: 0.6Vrms, 0.3Vrms
  • Measurement Way: manual, auto
  • Principle Measurement Parameter: L/C/R/Z
  • Deputy Measurement Parameter: X/D/Q/θ/ESR
  • Measurement Speed: high speed (4 times/s), intermediate speed (twice/s), low speed (once/s)
  • Reset Function: open circuit calibration, short-circuit calibration
  • Test Terminal Configuration: 3 terminal, 5 terminal
  • Capacitance and Dissipation: 120Hz
  • General Features: large-capacity 5V lithium battery

Package includes:
Hantek1833C LCR Meter, Type-C data cable, Power adapter, Short circuit card, Red and black alligator clip cable, Protective case, CD with user manual.

Lead time: +- 15 working days


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