LAN1 Cable Tester


For testing opens, shorts and miss-wired Cable installations. Cable types tested: 10/100 base-T; 10 base-2; RJ45; AT&T 258A; EIA / TIA 568A/568B; Token Ring.

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Amprobe LAN-1 LAN Cable Tester

The Amprobe LAN-1 Cable Tester is designed for testing opens, shorts and miss-wired cable installations.  It is designed to work with various data cables and connectors.  This cable tester provides a quick go/no-go LED display of the wiring and connection of item under test.  You can either step through the test cable wiring one at a time or have the unit automatically pulse through the pin-outs and display the results.


  • Cable types tested:  10/100 base-T; 10 base-2; RJ45; AT&T 258A; EIA / TIA 568A/568B; Token Ring
  • Continuity maximum length: > 300 meters
  • Connector types:     RJ45, BNC


  • Verify the cable wiring for continuity, opens, shorts or incorrect wiring.
  • Test installed cable on wall plate or the patch panels by using the remote termination module.
  • Perform loop-back test or remote test.
  • Buzzer sound warning for error condition in cable.
  • Two sets of LED lights for source and test indication.
  • Connector types: RJ45, BNC.

Package Includes
LAN Cable Tester, User manual, Batteries, Remote terminator, RJ45 to female BNC cable, RJ45 to male BNC cable, RJ45 to RJ45 cable, Female BNC to Female BNC cable


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