HT30A Auto Test Cable


Automotive Test leads with 1 male BNC connector to 2x 4mm connectors. Creates a special line for automotive measurement instruments to test various signals.

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HT30A Auto Test Leads

Automotive Test leads with one male BNC connector going out to 2x 4mm connectors. The HT30A Test Leads creates a special line for assisting automotive measurement instruments to test various types of signals. The 4mm connectors are coded in two colors, black and red.

The cables are 3 meter in length, allowing your test oscilloscope to be placed on the work bench away from the car being tested or repaired.

A wide range probes, clips or gators can be plugged into the 4 mm connectors at the end of the cable. It offers full shielding, which can help reduce noise interference.

To avoid the lines twisting together, the two pieces of lines with connectors are not the same in length.

The short line is the earth wire, and the long line is the positive pole which should be connected with the auto engine cable and can also work with a 20:1 attenuator


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