FNC88 USB-C Power Analyser


Type-C USB Power Analyser for testing the health of Gaming Controllers, Chargers, USB disks, Data cables, Power banks, Mobile phones, etc. Real-time detection of the state of charge.

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USB-C Power Analyser

The FNIRSI FNC88 is a USB-C Power Tester designed for testing the health of chargers, USB disks, data cables, power banks, mobile phones, gaming controllers, etc.  It offers real-time detection of the state of charge of the appliance – showing voltage, current, power, temperature and other indicators at a glance.  It uses a 0.96-inch high-definition colour LCD display to display the state of charge of the appliance.


  • Built-in thermal sensor
  • Software update support
  • Fast charging autotest
  • Bilateral current detection (data can be measured separately via USB plug and mobile phone)
  • Power off storage: store capacity and energy data in case of accidental cutt off of power
  • Type-C USB interface

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: 0~24V
  • Current: 0~5A
  • Current measurement accuracy: ± (1% + 2LSB) at 25°C
  • Power: 0~120W
  • Resolution: 0.0001 V / 0.0001 A / 0.01 W
  • Capacitance: 0-99999,9 mAh (5 sets)
  • Energy: 0~9999,99 Wh (5 presets)
  • Interface: USB-C in, USB-C out, MicroUSB HID
  • Trigger: Qualcomm QC2.0/QC3.0/Huawei FCP/SCP/Samsung AFC/PD3.0/2.0
  • Memory: 5 presets
  • Timer: 0~999 h: 59 min: 59 s
  • D+/D- data line voltage: up to 3,3 V
  • CC1/CC2 line voltage: up to 3,3 V
  • Temperature measuring range: 0~65 °C
  • Display: colour LCD, 0.96 inches

USB-Tester Package Includes:
FNIRSI FNC88 USB-C Power Analyser, Metal case, QR code for Instruction Manual.


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