DT6234B Tachometer

Lightweight robust digital Tachometer to measure the RPM of a rotating object. Measuring range from 2.5 RPM to 99,999 RPM, with a 5 digit LCD display.


The DT-6234B is a lightweight robust measuring instrument that is mostly used to measure the RPM of a rotating object.  The digital tachometer measures using light and as such doesn’t need to make physical contact with the rotating object.  The DT-6234B has a 5 digit LCD display and a wide measuring range from 2.5 RPM to 99,999 RPM.  This tachometer can measure RPM up to a distance of 250mm.


  • Measurement range:  2.5 ~ 99,999 RPM  (rev/min)  ±(0.05% + 1 digit)
  • Resolution:  0.1 RPM   (2.5 ~ 999.9 PM)
    :  1 RPM   (over 1,000 RPM)
  • Effective distance:  50mm ~ 250mm
  • Measurement method:  LED photoelectric


  • Data hold:  Auto memory Max, Min, Last value
  • Auto Range:  yes
  • Max display value:  99,999

Basic Specifications

  • Power source:  4 x AA batteries
  • Meter size:  160 × 72 × 37mm
  • LCD Display size:  5digits, 18mm, with backlight

Package Includes:
DT-6234B tachometer, Carrying case, Reflective stickers

Please note: This product has been discontinued.