DSO2C10 100MHz Benchtop Oscilloscope

Hantek 100MHz 1GS/s Benchtop Oscilloscope with  Frequency Counter & Voltmeter – excellent for your engineering test bench



100MHz 2-Channel Benchtop Oscilloscope

The Hantek DSO-2C10 is a cost-effective benchtop oscilloscope with 100MHz bandwidth, 1GS/s and 8M memory depth.  It supports  14 kinds of trigger modes and comes standard with 5 kinds of serial protocol triggers and decodes.  It offers 32 auto measurements with statistics, a 3-digit digital voltage meter and 6-digit hardware frequency indicator functions, 2 sets of DVM and abundant SCPI remote command control.
This oscilloscope is a useful commissioning instrument for various engineering fields such as communication, aerospace, national defence, embedded systems, computers, research and education.

Oscilloscope Specifications:

  • Oscilloscope channels: 2
  • Bandwidth: 100MHz
  • Sampling rate: 1GS/s
  • Memory depth: 8M
  • Vertical range: 2mV/div ~ 10V/div
  • Vertical resolution: 8-bit
  • Maximum record length: Single channel 8M; Two channels 4M
  • Mathematical operation: +, -, ×, ÷, FFT
  • FFT spectrum analyser: Window: Rectangle, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Bartlett, Flattop
  • Trigger types: Edge, Pulse width, Video, Slope, Overtime, Window, Pattern, Interval, Under Amp, UART, LIN, CAN, SPI, IIC
  • BUS decode and protocol analysis: RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN
  • Can save multiple data formats, such as settings, waveforms, reference waveforms, CSV, pictures
  • 32 Auto measurements: frequency, period, mean, peak-to-peak, RMS, minimum, maximum, rising time, falling time, + width, – width, base, top, middle, amplitude, overshoot, preshoot, rising edge phase difference, falling edge phase difference, + duty, – duty, period mean, PRMS, FOVshoot, ROVshoot, BWIDTH, FRF, FFR, LRR, LRF, LFR, LFF


  • A 3-digit digital voltage meter and a 6-digit hardware frequency indicator
  • 2 Sets of digital voltmeters
  • Support threshold testing, free measurements within the screen
  • Abundant SCPI remote command control
  • USB Host/Device
  • Dimensions (mm): 318(L) x 110(W) x 150mm(H)
  • Display: 7-inch liquid crystal

The 2-Channel Bench Oscilloscope Package Includes:
Hantek DSO2C10 Oscilloscope, 1x 100MHz oscilloscope test probe, 1x BNC-Banana test lead, USB cable, power cable, CD with PC software and user manual.

Please note: The Hantek 2C10 has a high Minimum Order Quantity and cannot be sold as a single unit. Please enquire for Bulk orders.