DSO3064 Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope


Powerful, Feature-packed 60MHz 4-Channel Automotive Oscilloscope with 50+ Diagnostic functions for automotive debugging. Include 17 Cables & Accessories.

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DSO3064 Kit III Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope

Powerful, Feature-packed 4-Channel Oscilloscopes with Automotive Diagnostics Functions

Sometimes two oscilloscope channels are just not enough to see all the electronic information an engineer needs.  The DSO3064 four-channel PC based USB oscilloscope from Hantek was created with this in mind, and also specifically the special needs of automotive technicians and engineers for automotive diagnostic purposes.  This USB oscilloscope features 4 scope channels, a high input tolerance of 300V, a USB port, and a LAN (ethernet) port for remote debugging.  An optional WiFi interface for remote engine diagnostics is also available.  It can accept a supply voltage from 8 to 36 VDC, so you can power it from USB or your car’s port.

Because the DSO3064 PC-oscilloscope has been designed with automotive diagnostics in mind, it features more than 50 automotive-specific measurements, such as camshaft sensor analysis, CAN and LIN bus analysis and many more.  An optional automotive accessory pack that includes 9 different special connectors and probes for automotive debugging and engine diagnostics is also available.

Please note: While the DSO3064 has the capabilities to handle a wide range of automotive measurements, it is not a fully automated auto diagnostic machine.  It requires a certain level of technical knowledge to use to its fullest potential, and automotive electricians must expect a learning curve to utilize it. There are many YouTube videos and other online tutorials available to assist you in this regard.

This PC-based 4-channel oscilloscope has all the intelligent measurement modes customers has come to expect from Hantek’s digital oscilloscopes, including FFT (spectrum analyser).  The DSO-3064 PC-based 4-channel digital oscilloscope comes at a very affordable price too.

Basic  Specifications 4-Channel Oscilloscope:

  • Quad / 4 Channel scope
  • 200 MSPS sampling rate
  • 60 MHz bandwidth
  • 8-bit resolution
  • 16M Memory depth
  • Wide 8-36V power supply voltage
  • Interface: USB 2.0, LAN (ethernet), WiFi (wireless internet)
  • A ruggedised case for industrial and automotive use

Automotive and Diagnostic Features:

  • Primary and secondary ignition analysis (voltage and current), crankshaft sensor analysis, coil output analysis, earth diagnosis, distributor analysis (at plug lead and king lead), DIS (positive and negative fired), EDIS unit analysis, ECO-TEC ECM to Ignition signal.
  • Basic diagnostics like exhaust, engine vacuum and fuel pressure diagnostics.
  • 30 Sensor diagnostics including camshaft, accelerator pedal, and airflow sensors.
  • 14 Primary and secondary ignition-related analysis like earth-, distributor-, and coil output analysis.
  • CAN- and LIN bus signal (you need to process the CAN and LIN bus data yourself).
  • 25 Engine performance tests like injector voltage & current and variable camshaft valve timing.
  • 7 Startup and charging measurements including starting voltage drop, alternator AC ripple and diode diagnostics.

Software Features 4-Channel Oscilloscope:

  • Very intuitive PC- software that mimics the look and feel of conventional oscilloscopes
  • 23 oscilloscope measurements including:
    Min/Max, Overshoot/Undershoot, Mean, RMS, +/- duty cycle and  rise/fall time
  • Horizontal and Vertical Cursors
  • 4 different FFT analyses (Spectrum Analyser)
  • X-Y (circular) plotting of data
  • Mathematical functions on oscilloscope waveforms, e.g. Ch5 = Ch1+Ch4
  • Reference waveforms can be stored on PC and loaded for comparison
  • Recording of real-time input data
  • Pass / Fail Testing
  • Labview drivers
  • SDK available for application development (C/C++ API)

The 4-Channel Oscilloscope Package Includes:
DSO3064 PC-based Oscilloscope, 2 Oscilloscope test probes, AC adapter, USB cable, HT30A Auto Test Cable x 4, HT25 Auto High-Pressure Ignition Probe x 1, HT201 20:1 Attenuator x 2, HT18A Large Dolphin/Gator Clip x 2, HT19 Multimeter Probe x 2, HT307 Acupuncture Probe Set x 1, HT324 Dolphin/Gator Clip Cable x 2, HT301 Breakout Leads x 1, CD with PC software and manual, Aluminium case.

Lead time: +- 15 working days

Please note: With the current exchange rate fluctuations due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we cannot guarantee prices for imported items. These prices are an indication, but please confirm the price with us before finalising your order.
Please be assured that we strive to keep prices as low as possible.

What our clients say about the DSO-3064:

 “Currently the best automotive oscilloscope (4 channels, higher voltage protection, much better after-sales service AND cheaper)”
–  Pieter de Weerdt, Dastek, manufacturer of the Unichip

“Very impressed with the DSO-3064”  – Jaguar and Land Rover Training Academy

“Everything about the scope is awesome.  Especially great is the recording.  I feel this is the most convincing selling point for this scope.”  –  private automotive client


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