DSO5202B Bench Oscilloscope

Hantek 200MHz 1GS/s Dual Benchtop Oscilloscope with a multitude of advanced features to satisfy high-speed applications. FFT, USB Interface 7″ colour display.



Powerful 200MHz 1GSPS Bench Oscilloscopes

For those who prefer a traditional benchtop oscilloscope in favour of a PC Scope.  The DSO-5202B Digital Storage Oscilloscope from Hantek is a very fast (1,000 MS/s) and very powerful dual-trace oscilloscope with a multitude of advanced features to satisfy most high-speed applications.  In addition to the traditional knobs and buttons interface, these benchtop oscilloscopes also have a very intuitive software-driver menu and offer a whole range of signal measurements, like pre-triggering, YY plotting of measurements, storing and loading of reference waveforms and signal measurements such as mean, RMS, min, max and frequency.  It also offers functionality not offered in many oscilloscopes, like video triggering, pass/fail testing, spectrum analyser (FFT analysis) and USB2.0 device & host interfaces.

The DSO5202B bench oscilloscope offers excellent specifications at an affordable price.

Basic Oscilloscope Specifications:

  • Dual-Channel (dual-trace) oscilloscope: 2Ch + 1 EXT
  •  1 GS/s (1,000 Ms/s) sampling rate
  • 200 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope
  • 8-bit resolution
  • Large 7″ colour TFT Display
  • USB2.0 host and device Interface

Oscilloscope Software Features:

  • 23 Measurements including:
    Min/Max, Overshoot / Undershoot, Mean, RMS, +- Duty Cycle and Rise/Fall Time.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Cursors.
  • 4 Different FFT Analysis (Spectrum Analyser).
  • X-Y (circular) plotting of data.
  • Mathematical functions on oscilloscope waveforms, e.g. Ch3 = Ch1+Ch2.
  • Reference waveforms can be stored and loaded for comparison.
  • Recording of real-time input data.
  • Pass / Fail Testing.
  • Video Trigger on NTSC, PAL and SECAM.
  • Variable persistence.

The Oscilloscope Package Includes:
DSO-5202B Benchtop Oscilloscope, Power Cable, two 200MHz Oscilloscope Test Probes, USB cable to connect oscilloscope to your PC and PC-Software CD with User Manual.

Lead time: +-15 working days

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