Vector Network Analyser

Transcom high-performance hand-held Vector Network Analysers (VNAs) for use in wireless communication, broadcast, TV device, Zigbee and profiling of semiconductor devices.



High-performance hand-held Vector Network Analysers (VNA)

What is a VNA?

To put it in simple terms –  a Vector Network Analyser determines the characteristics (S-parameters) of an electronic “device under test” (DUT).  The DUT can be a single component, a configuration of many components (e.g. RF amplifier), or an antenna.  The VNA sends a signal to the DUT at various frequencies and determines the DUT’s characteristics at those frequencies.

The Transcom VNA Series:
The T5xx (T5113H, T5231A & T5281A) is a range of high-performance hand-held Vector Network Analysers (VNAs) from Transcom.  It boasts a large frequency range, large dynamic range, low noise level and low trace noise.  Applications include microwave device measurement in wireless communication, broadcast, TV device, Zigbee and profiling of semiconductor devices.

In short – these VNAs has specifications that are the same or better as the most well-known brands, but they come at a 40% lower cost.

Specifications (same between all models):

  • Frequency minimum: 30kHz
  • Large Dynamic Range:  >125deB (IFBW=10Hz), 130dB typ.
  • Low noise level
  • Low trace noise:  1mdB rms (IFBW=3kHz)
  • High effective directivity :  >45dB
  • Remote interface & control :  LAN/GPIB/USB
  • Very low power consumption
  • “One-key-test” solution

Specifications (differences between models):

  • Frequency Maximum:
  • T5113H:  1.3GHz
  • T5231A:  3GHz
  • T5281A:  8GHz
  • Measurement Speed:
  • T5113H:  150us/point
  • T5231A:  125us/point
  • T5281A:  100us/point (IFBW=30kHz)

Innovative Features:

  • Create a software module for the DUT and import it into electronic CAD simulation software.
  • ATE – Use the Automated Test Equipment (ATE) function to test RF circuits with the press of a button at the end of a production line.

The K Measure and Transcom Advantage:

  • Our VNAs compare in specifications with Agilent and Rohde & Schwartz VNAs.
  • Transcom VNAs use a very similar interface to Agilent VNAs, making the transition easy.

Package Includes
The package includes the VNA, Quick start guide, Calibration certificate, Guarantee card, CD with software and manual, Power cord, USB cable.

Lead time: +-15 working days

Price: enquire for price

Current clients and Testimonials:

  • Partron, biggest antenna supplier to Samsung, located in Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Samsung, one of the world’s biggest phone manufacturers, utilises Transcom’s VNAs in their main production lines.  Massive production of mobile phones in late 2012 has once again proven that Transcom’s Test and Measurement instruments provide stability, reliability and accuracy.


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