VA600TKTK Temperature Data Logger

A Temperature Logger to record the temperature of its surroundings with enough memory & battery capacity for 3 years. Built-in battery charged via USB port.


Temperature Data Logger (K-type Thermocouple connector)

Use the VA600-TK-TK temperature logger to record the temperature of its surroundings in an affordable and easy way.

This temperature data logger has a built-in battery that is charged via the USB port.  It has enough memory and battery capacity to last 3 years when recording a measurement every hour, offering the perfect solution to monitor generator- or server rooms, or logging environment data while testing products, for instance.

Furthermore, the VA-600-TK-TK has features like real-time, min or max value display, configurable alarms that can be used to start recording, 16,000 point memory, IP45 rating, magnetic mounting and very easy-to-use software (can be set up in less than 5 minutes).


  • USB port connects to a PC to view the recorded data, generation graphs, export to file
  • Maximum/minimum display and alarm function
  • Low power indication, Auto sleep and wake-up function
  • Real-time and logging modes
  • Receive various input signals as thermocouple
  • Long battery life: 3 years (measure and record each 1 hour)
  • IP65 or IP40 housing
  • Magnetic mounting
  • Upper and lower alarm setting


  • Memory depth:  16,000 points
  • Internal Temperature sensor:  -30 ~ +60 ℃ ±1℃
  • External Temperature sensor (K-type thermocouple):  -200 ~ +1000℃ ±0.4% ±1.2℃


  • Data recording from peripherals such as printers, terminals, keyboards, mice, card readers
  • Reverse-engineering of data exchange protocols
  • Backups of sensitive data from devices like Points-of-Sale, barcode scanners, card readers
  • Data logging from sensors: temperature.

Package Includes:
VA600-TK-TK Temperature Logger, K-type Temperature Probes