Surgical Alcohol Pump Dispenser Bottle


Glass bottle with a Pump Dispenser for Water-based fluids like acetone, surgical alcohol, detergents & beauty products, use in Electronics, Labs & Kitchens

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Pump Dispenser Glass Bottle with Copper Tube

This pump dispenser glass bottle for water-based solutions is ideal for dispensing just the right amount of liquid for your needs.  Suitable for dispensing acetone, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, fibre optic isopropyl alcohol, resin cleaner, detergent and degreaser, for example.  The high-strength alloy pump is able to withstand the corrosion of acids, and the precision pump valve prevents the volatilization of the liquid.
To use the bottle you push down the pump at the top of the bottle to release the alcohol onto a paper towel or cotton swab.  The pump dispenses an exact dosage every time and won’t flow back into the bottle, preventing the liquid from contaminating.
Use it in the laboratory or electronics workshop for surgical cleaning alcohol, for beauty products like nail polish remover, toner, etc., and in the kitchen for dispensing detergents or other water-based fluids.

Volume: 150ml
Dimensions: 85 x 80mm

What is in the package:
Pump Dispenser Bottle with Copper Tube Pump and plastic cap.