SR5836C Anemometer

Standard Wind speed, Wind direction & Temperature meter with a great range spanning from 1.4km/h to 162km/h. The temperature range is 0°C to 60°C.


Wind Speed meter

The SR5836C Anemometer is a standard wind speed, wind direction and temperature instrument.  It has a small size and is easy to use.  This anemometer has a great range spanning from 1.4km/h to 162km/h.  The wind direction function has 16 positions it can indicate, meaning it has a resolution of 22.5°.  The temperature range is 0°C to 60°C.


Measurement Ranges

  • Wind speed:  0.4~45.0m/s
    :  1.4~162.0km/h
    :  80~8860ft/min
    :  0.8~88.0knots
  • Wind flow:  0.000~9999m³/min
    :  0.000~9999ft³/min
  • Wind scale:  0~12 level
  • Wave height:  0~14m
  • Wind direction:  16 directions (Resolution 22.5°)
  • Temperature:  Degree Celsius: 0~60ºC
  • Accuracy         :  ±(2%n+0.1)
  • Resolution       :  0.1


  • Computer interface:  RS232C
  • Memory:  24 groups
  • Display:  LCD
  • Low battery indicator:  YES
  • Auto-switch off:  YES
  • Power supply:  4×1.5V AAA battery
  • Dimension             :  156x67x28mm

Probe dimension

  • Velocity sensor:  65x65x115mm
  • Direction sensor:  86x69x115mm
  • Weight (No battery):  375g

Package Includes:
SR5836C Amenometer, Velocity sensor, Direction sensor, Main unit, Carry case, Manual

Please note: This product has been discontinued.


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