Hantek2D82 Automotive Scopemeter Kit1


Hantek2D82 AUTO Kit1  2-channel Automotive Scopemeter for Vehicle Diagnostic testing. Over 80 types of Automotive diagnostic functions and Online video Help function.


2-Channel Handheld Automotive Scopemeter

An all-new handheld oscilloscope, the Hantek2D82AUTO is a compact and lightweight automotive scopemeter.  The 4-in-1 multifunction tester offers Automotive Diagnostic, oscilloscope, signal source and multimeter.
With more than 80 kinds of automotive testing, and the user can scan the QR code on the back of the device to open video help files to show you how to test vehicles.
The Hantek2D82AUTO Scopemeter is small and can be held with a single hand.  It is an ultra-low-power tester with a type-C charging interface, each 2 hours battery charge allows working one full day or two months on standby.  The high-definition colour LCD screen display is clear and delicate.  A minimalist keyboard design simplifies operation for ease of use.
The Hantek2D82AUTO Kit1 includes 7 different cables to assist with all your automotive diagnostic tests.

Oscilloscope Mode:

  • 2 Oscilloscope Channels
  • Bandwidth: 80MHz
  • Maximum real-time Sample Rate: 250MSa/s
  • Channel: 2CH+DMM+AWG
  • 10mV~10V/DIV high sensitivity and large input range
  • Auto automatic measuring function
  • Adjustable backlight brightness, backlight and auto power-off
  • Cursor measurement, reference waveform, waveform storage function

Arbitrary Waveform Generator Mode:

  • Channel: 1CH waveform output
  • Sampling: 250MSa/s
  • Vertical Resolution: 12 bit
  • Output: sine, square, triangle, trapezoidal, arbitrary wave
  • Waveform Frequency:
  • Sine: 1Hz~25MHz
  • Square: 1Hz~10MHz
  • Triangle: 1Hz~1MHz
  • Trapezoid: 1Hz~5MHz
  • Frequency Resolution: 0.001Hz
  • Output impedance: 50Ω

Multimeter Mode:

  • Digital voltmeter function
  • Maximum Resolution: 4000 Counts
  • DMM Testing Modes: Voltage, Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode & On-Off
  • Maximum Input Voltage: AC: 600V, DC: 800V
  • Maximum Input Current: AC: 10A, DC: 10A
  • Input Impedance: 10MΩ
  • DC Voltage: 400mV ~ 600V
  • AC Voltage: 4V ~ 600V
  • DC Current: 40mA ~ 10A
  • AC Current: 40mA ~ 10A
  • Resistance: 400Ω ~ 40MΩ
  • Capacitance: 40nF ~ 100nF
  • Diode: 0V ~ 2V
  • On-Off: <50Ω

General Specifications:

  • 2.8 inch 64K colour TFT LCD screen, legible even in bright sunlight
  • Full function PC software
  • Display Resolution: 320 horizontal by 240 vertical pixels
  • Display Contrast: Adjustable
  • Power Supply: 100V-240VAC, 50Hz-60Hz; DC Input: 5VDC, 2A
  • Power Consumption: <2.5W
  • Fuse: T, 3A
  • Battery: 2600mA x2
  • Dimensions: 199 x 98x 40mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 400g

Vehicle Diagnostic:

  • First test projects: intake manifold vacuum degree & ignition, lampblack adjustment valve vacuum degree & ignition, exhaust ignition (idle), exhaust ignition (start).
  • Start & Charge: Charging circuit, current and voltage.
  • Actuator: Gasoline / Diesel.
  • Bus Detection: CAN bus data observation, CAN bus signal integrity, CAN bus LH long-term acquisition, LIN bus.
  • Sensors: airflow meter, camshaft, crankshaft, distributor, lambda sensor, throttle position.
  • Ignition: Primary/Secondary.
  • Primary Ignition (Voltage)
  • Primary Ignition (Current)
  • Primary Ignition (Voltage & Current)
  • Primary Ignition (Crankshaft Sensor)
  • Primary Ignition & Secondary Ignition
  • Secondary Ignition Distributor Type (Plug Lead)
  • Secondary Ignition Distributor Type (King Lead)
  • Secondary DIS (Positive-fired)
  • Secondary DIS or CPC (Negative-fired)
  • Secondary Coil Output Diagnosis
  • Secondary Ignition & Primary Ignition
  • Air Flow Meter (Hot Wire)
  • Air Flow Meter (Air Vane)
  • Air Flow Sensor (BOSCH Diesel)
  • Air Intake Pressure Sensor (BOSCH Diesel)
  • Camshaft (Inductive)
  • Camshaft (AC Excited)
  • Camshaft (Hall Effect)
  • Camshaft (BOSCH Common Rail Diesel)
  • Crankshaft Inductive Running
  • Crankshaft Inductive Cranking
  • Crankshaft Hall Effect
  • Crankshaft Sensor &Primary Ignition
  • Distributor Pick-up (Hall Effect)
  • Distributor Inductive Pick-up Cranking
  • Distributor Inductive Pick-up Running
  • Lambda Sensor Titania
  • Lambda Sensor Zirconia
  • Lambda Sensor Zirconia Pre & Post cat
  • Throttle Position Potentiometer
  • Throttle Position Switch
  • Throttle Pedal Switch (Bosch Diesel)
  • ABS Digital Speed Sensor
  • ABS Analog Speed Sensor
  • Coolant Temperature (5V)
  • Coolant Temperature (GM/Vauxhall Simtec)
  • Crash Sensor
  • MAP Analog
  • MAP Digital
  • Hall Effect Road Speed Sensor
  • Accelerator Pedal (Bosch Diesel)
  • CAN Bus Data View
  • CAN Bus Signal Integrity
  • CAN Bus LH Long Capture
  • LIN Bus
  • Single-point Injector (Voltage)
  • Single-point Injector (Current)
  • Multi-point Injector (Voltage)
  • Multi-point Injector (Current)
  •  Injector Voltage & Current
  •  Injector Current & Primary Ignition
  • Common Rail Diesel (Current)
  •  Injector Bosch CDi 3 (Current)
  •  Injector Bosch Diesel (Idling)
  •  Injector Bosch Diesel (Accelerating)
  • Diesel Glow Plugs
  • Electronic Fuel Pump
  • Carbon Canister Solenoid Valve
  • ERG Recirculation Solenoid Valve
  • Stepper Motor Example 1
  • Stepper Motor Example 2
  •  Idle Speed Control Valve (Rotary)
  •  Idle Speed Control Valve (Electromagnetic)
  • Throttle Servomotor (Idling)
  • Throttle Servomotor (Accelerating)
  • Bosch CDi3 Quantity Control Valve
  • Bosch CDi3 Pressure Regulator Valve
  • Variable-Speed Cooling Fan On
  • Variable-Speed Cooling Fan Off
  • Variable Camshaft Valve Timing
  • Charging Circuits Current/Voltage
  • Charging Circuits Current/Voltage Starting 24V
  • Charging Circuits Current/Voltage Idling 24V
  • Charging Circuits Alternator AC Ripple/Diode Diagnosis
  • Relative Compression Petrol
  • Relative Compression Diesel
  • Starting Voltage Drop

The Hantek-2D82AUTO Kit 1 Automotive Scopemeter Package Includes:
Hantek2D82AUTO Scopemeter, Type C Charging Cable, Power Adaptor, Multimeter Probe, HT324 Test Leads with BNC plug and alligator clip x2, HT30B Auto Test Lead, HT25 Auto Ignition Probe, HT307 Acupuncture Probe Set, HT308 Coil-on-Plug extension cord, HT201 20:1 Attenuator, Tool case.


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