ERT580 Earth Resistance Tester

Portable Earth Resistance Tester for professional Electricians. 200V Ground potential, 0.01Ώ ~ 2kΏ Resistance, 2 and 3 Terminal operation.



ERT-580 Earth Ground Resistance Tester

The ERT-580 Earth Meter is a portable Earth Resistance Tester for professionals involved in the installation or inspection of building electrical wiring systems.  This ground potential tester is suitable for testing single earth electrodes, the resistance of conductors and conductor coupling joints, and earth voltage.

The ERT-580 earth resistance tester conforms to the requirements of many wiring specifications across the world, including SABS0142. This ERT meter comes at a very affordable price too.

 ERT-580 Earth Meter Features:

  • Capable of measuring earth voltage up to 200V
  • Perform earth resistance tests without tripping earth leakage
  • Designed to meet IEC-1010 (EN 61010) safety standard
  • Compliant with the following wiring standards:  SABS0142, Bs7671, Bs7430, Bs6651, IEC364, NFC15-100, VDEO0413, etc.
  • Supports both 2 and 3 terminal operation
  • Large LCD display for easy reading
  • Battery life indicator
  • Data Hold function
  • Adjustable Test Timer 3~5 minutes
  • Rugged case and O-ring sealed for outdoor use
  • Carry-case to hold earth resistance meter and all accessories

ERT-580 Earth Meter Specifications:

  • 0.01Ώ ~ 2kΏ resistance range
  • 0V ~ 200V ground potential
  • 2mA measurement current (won’t trip earth leakage circuit breaker)
  • 820Hz measurement frequency with built-in filter
  • 0.1 ohm / 2% earth resistance accuracy
  • 1% earth voltage accuracy
  • Meets IEC-1010 (EN 61010) safety standard
  • Power source: 6 x AA batteries

The Earth Resistance Tester package includes:
ERT-580 Digital Earth Resistance Tester, Test leads with crocodile clamps x4: red (15m), yellow (10m), green (5m), 2-Terminal lead (1m), Earth spikes x2, Instruction manual, AA batteries x6, Rugged carry case for Ground Meter.


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