Soldering Iron Oxide Cleaner


Soldering Iron Oxide Cleaner Paste. Lead-free soldering tip refresher efficiently removes the oxide layer from solder tips.

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Soldering Iron Tip Refresher Paste for Oxide Cleaning

This lead-free soldering iron oxide cleaner efficiently removes the oxide layer from solder tips. Improve your soldering iron’s heat transfer and efficiency when soldering your electronic projects and wires. The oxide cleaner paste is reusable and environmentally friendly.

How to use:
Heat the soldering iron to 300 ~ 360 degrees Celsius.
Dip the oxidised tip into the refresher paste and rub in the paste for 5 seconds.
Clean the tip with a wet sponge – careful not to burn your hand or the sponge.
Repeat if necessary.

Dimensions: 35g, 25 x 34mm glass jar with plastic lid.

What is in the package:
Soldering Iron Oxide Cleaner Paste in Glass jar with plastic lid.

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