Multimeter Test Probes Needle-tipped


10A 1000V Multimeter Test Probes with Needle Tips to enable SMD Component Testing. Works with any brand of Digital Multimeter.

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Multimeter Test Probes with Needle tips

These Multimeter Test Leads enable you to easily take measurements with your multimeter. The universal banana plug connectors work with any standard digital multimeter or LCR meter.
The needle tips are great for measuring surface-mount resistors, capacitors or other SMD components with your multimeter or LCR meter.
It features a high-quality shielded coaxial cable and universal multimeter banana plugs.  The banana plug connectors are angled for easy plug-in.  Each pair of cables come in standard red/black colors with caps to protect the needle tips.  The long-lasting silicone probes ensure a comfortable grip.
It is a convenient tool for your electrical and electronic work.  Use it with the ET8102 Digital Multimeter for easy measurements.

Max Voltage: 1000V
Max Current: 10A
Cable length: 110cm
1 x Red + 1 x Black Cable with Univeral Banana plugs
Material: Silicone

What is in the package:
2X Multimeter Test Probes: 1 x Red + 1 x Black Cables with Banana plugs and Needle-tipped probes with Plastic caps