Multimeter Test Probe Tweezer


Multimeter SMD Test Probe Tweezer for Measuring Resistors, Capacitors & other components with your Multimeter or LCR Meter.

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Multimeter SMD Component Test Probe for Resistor & Capacitor Testing

This Multimeter Test Probe Tweezer enables you to easily measure surface-mount resistors, capacitors or other SMD components with your multimeter or LCR meter.
It features a high-quality shielded coaxial cable and universal multimeter banana plugs.  The tweezer has a comfortable grip with an anti-slip design.  It is a convenient tool for your electrical and electronic work.  Use it with the ET8102 Digital Multimeter for easy measurements.

Cable length: 40cm
1 x Red + 1 x Black Cable with Banana plugs
Tweezer size: 15,2cm length x 1,5cm width & height

What is in the package:
Multimeter Test Probe with Tweezer and 1 x Red + 1 x Black Cables with Banana plugs.