LAP-C16128 Logic Analyser


Zeroplus 16-Channel 75MHz 128K/ch 200MS/s +-30V USB Logic Analyser with 2M Memory, Supports 60+ Protocols inc. I2C, USB, CAN, UART.

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Every Engineer’s Logic Analyzer

The LAP-16128C Logic Analyser from Zeroplus is the perfect companion for the modern electronic engineer, embedded software developer, hobbyist and engineering student.  This logic analyzer comes with 30 protocol interpreters included, and another 30+ optional protocols you can purchase (see list of protocols), including popular ones such as UART (RS232/RS485), CAN, USB, I2C, SPI, Modbus, IrDA and Dallas 1-Wire.  It also supports less well-known protocols like Wiegand, Manchester, AC97 digital audio and several LCD controller interfaces.  This logic analyser also comes with a software development kit (SDK) which enables engineers to develop software to analyse their own protocols or signals.

The 16-channel logic analyser features enough memory to analyse and record high-speed busses like CAN continuously.  The LAP16128C has a 75MHz bandwidth, with configurable input voltage levels of -30V to +30V.  It offers advanced trigger options and statistics logging, and is USB-bus powered, making it suitable for field analysis.  The logic analyser also has a bus analyser and can handle multiple triggers as well as external triggers.  Should you prefer you can also buy the additional hardware Pulse Width Trigger Module or Protocol Analyser Trigger.  Unlike most PC-based logic analyzers in the market, our LAP-C logic analysers maintain their high sampling-rate whether you enable just one channel or all channels.

The LAP-16128C Logic Analyser comes at a very affordable price too.

The LAP-16128C logic analyzer-software is now compatible with the following Digital Storage Oscilloscopes:

Tektronix TDS1000, 2000, 3000 & 5000 series oscilloscopes, Gwinstek GDS-1000A series oscilloscopes,  Agilent DSO-5000 series dso’s, PICO PS-3000 series scopes, LeCroy oscilloscopes.

The LAP16128C Logic Analyser Hardware Specifications includes:

  • 16 Logic Analyser Channels
  • 75 MHz bandwidth
  • 128K memory per LA channel. Total memory 2M. Total memory (with compression) 32M
  • Input voltage -30V to +30V
  • Up to 5 picosecond sampling interval
  • Working voltage -6~+6V
  • Accuracy +/- 0.1V
  • Memory per channel 4 Mbit
  • USB bus-powered (e.g. use with a laptop for field measurements)

LAP-16128C Logic Analyser Software Features includes:

  • Multiple triggers and external trigger
  • Filter trigger and filter delay
  • Trigger delay, pre-trigger and post-trigger
  • Data Statistics logging
  • Support for 60 protocol interpreters
  • Choice of any 30 protocols included in the package (see List of Protocols)
  • Optional Pulse Width Trigger Module
  • Bus analyser software
  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win10

The 16-channel Logic Analyser package includes:
the LAP16128C Logic Analyzer, choice of 30 protocols, all Logic Analyser cables & probes, USB cable, logic analyser software, manual, handy travel bag.

Client Testimonial:

“This letter to inform you that your service from quote response all the way to product delivery has been worth mentioning as superb.
I have unboxed the LAP16128C and could start evaluating it within 1 hour – excellent product, far more value than expected for the price.”
– Anton Reinhardt, Actom Signalling


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