Keelog Serial Ghost DB9 Data Logger


Compact RS-232 & Serial bus Data Logger with 16GB memory, Baud rates up to 230400 bps. Allows the engineer to view & log data travelling over the serial port



2GB RS232 Serial Data Logger

The SerialGhost is a compact RS-232 and serial bus data logger.  It has a large memory capacity of 16GB and may be accessed as a USB Flash drive.  It supports almost every embedded application interface to the outside world via a UART, RS232 or RS485 serial port.  The SerialGhost allows the engineer to view and log all the data travelling over the serial port.

How does it work?
The SerialGhost is an asynchronous serial logger, capable of recording RS-232 data streams from devices like printers, terminals, keyboards, mice, barcode scanners etc.  Simply connect the SerialGhost in-line on a serial bus, using the DB-9 connectors.  If a USB port is available, you can power the device from USB.  Otherwise, use the supplied cable and connect an external 5V power source (such as a smart-phone charger).  The SerialGhost will immediately start logging all data available on the bus, both upstream and downstream (RX and TX).  No software or drivers are required.
To view the recorded data, the SerialGhost may be switched to flash drive mode.  Connect to a computer using a USB-B cable and the SerialGhost will pop up as a removable drive, containing a file with logged data.  The flash drive may also be used to configure the device, such as baud rate, parity bits, start/stop bits, etc.
The SerialGhost family of devices has two RS-232 input ports, responsible for data acquisition from up to two sources.  Both ports can share a common configuration or may be configured independently using dual-port mode.  In this mode two separate settings may be used for the baud rate, the number of bits, stop bits, and parity.


  • Logs asynchronous serial data – RS-232 compatible
  • Baud rates up to 230,400 bps
  • Logs both Tx and Rx streams simultaneously
  • Independently selectable bit rates for both channels
  • 16 Gigabytes internal memory
  • USB-B side socket for power (5V DC)
  • Virtual COM port mode with data streaming and command set
  • Push button for mode changing
  • DB-9 male and female connectors on both ends
  • No software or drivers required, Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible
  • USB Flash Drive mode


  • Data recording from peripherals such as printers, terminals, keyboards, mice, card readers.
  • Reverse-engineering of data exchange protocols.
  • Backups of sensitive data from devices like Points-of-Sale, barcode scanners, card readers.
  • Data logging from sensors: temperature, pressure, voltage etc.

Package Includes:
SerialGhost DB9 2G, USB-Mini cable, User manual


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