I2C-SPI Control Centre


Fast & powerful I2C/SPI Bus Converter and Protocol Analyser. Up to 8 Mbps signalling rate, intuitive GUI for lab & automated testing applications

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I2C-SPI Control Center

The I2C-SPI Control Center is a fast and powerful I2C and SPI bus converter and protocol analyser.  With an intuitive GUI application as well as batch mode this I2C and SPI adapter is suited to be used in an electronics lab environment as well as automated testing during manufacturing.

I2C Specifications

  • Selectable pull-up resistors.
  • Supports standard (100 kbps) and fast (400 kbps) mode and various speeds from 2 kHz to 833 kHz.
  • Supports multi-master.
  • Master transmit and receive.
  • Asynchronous slave transmit and receive.
  • Software configurable target power pins to power downstream devices.
  • Supports 7-bit and 10-bit addressing modes.

SPI Specifications

  • Operates in master or slave mode.
  • Up to 8 Mbps master signalling rate (transmit).
  • Up to 4 Mbps slave signalling rate (receive).
  • Asynchronous slave transmit/receive.
  • Software configurable Slave Select (SS) polarity in master mode.

General Purpose IO (GPIO) Specifications

  • 8 Dedicated GPIO pins plus CLK pin.
  • Addressable in batch mode.

General Specifications

  • USB bus-powered.
  • Dedicated power output to power downstream devices (5V @ 60mA).
  • OS support for Windows 32bit and 64bit.

The I2C-SPI Bus Converter Package Includes:
I2C-SPI Control Center, 10-pin cable, 12-pin cable, USB cable, CD with converter software and manual


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