HT311 BNC-4mm Adapter


Male BNC to 4mm Twin Adapter.


HT311 BNC to 4mm Adapter

This Hantek BNC Adapter / Connector features 1 x male BNC plug to 2 x 4mm terminal adaptor.  It comprises a male BNC plug terminated to twin 4mm terminals in red and black with 4mm sockets.  The signal is connected to the red terminal.

Use together with the Hantek-1008 Automotive Oscilloscope for automotive measurements or the CC-65 Current Clamp to convert your connector.


  • Connector Type: Adapter
  • Convert From Positions: 1
  • Convert From Gender: Receptacle
  • Convert To Positions: 2
  • Convert To Gender: Socket
  • Insulator: Polyamide (Nylon)
  • Binding Posts Contacts: Brass, Nickel
  • PlatedBNC (m): Brass, Center Contact, Gold Plated
  • BNC Impedance: 50Ω
  • Voltage: 500V
  • Current: 3A Max.
  • Resistance: <0.8mΩ
  • Temperature: -20C°to +80C°


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