HT25COP Automotive Ignition Signal Probe


Hantek HT25COP Coil-on-plug and Signal probe to easily read the ignition waveforms of any automotive engine.

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HT25COP Automotive Ignition Signal Probe

The Hantek HT25COP coil-on-plug and signal probe can easily read the ignition waveforms of any automotive engine.  The ignition waveform is a window through which we can see what is happening in the engine combustion chambers.  It determines whether the ignition plug needs to be replaced or is clean.  Does the fuel injector in the electronic fuel injection system work well?  Is there any problem with the air cylinder leaking?  Does the gap between ignition plugs get larger?  Does the electrode shape of the ignition plug become sharp?  Is there too much oil pollution or carbon deposition on the ignition plugs?  Does the insulating property of the ignition plug get worse?  Is there any problem with the power supply system of the storage battery?  The HT25COP probe will enable you to answer these questions.

The HT25COP signal probe can be used with any oscilloscope.  It features a special anti-interference design with high accuracy of measurements.  The ergonomic design features a probe that can be arbitrarily curved to reach tight spaces.  A highlight LED enables you to operate it at night or in dark spaces.
Directly measure the ignition coil easily with the HT25COP, with no need to add an extension cable.

Use together with the Hantek-1008 Automotive Oscilloscope for automotive measurements.


  • Flexible COP ignition signal receiving end
  • High-lumen LED lighting
  • 2m BNC cable
  • BNC connector to connect to oscilloscope

Lead time: +- 15 working days