E27-E14 Light Bulb Adapter


Use your smaller E14 Screw-type LED Light Bulbs in a normal screw-type E27 Light fitting with this handy E27-E14 Light Bulb Adapter.

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E27 to E14 Light Bulb Adapter

These light bulb adapters enable you to use smaller E14 screw-type LED bulbs in a regular screw-type E27 light fitting.  Simply screw your smaller E14 bulb into the adapter and then screw the adapter into your light fitting as you would normally do.  They are suitable for 12V and 220V applications.  E14 bulbs feature a 14mm base diameter while E27 bulbs have a 27mm base.
This adapter will let you use your decorative E14 Filament bulbs in a normal E27 light fixture together with other E27 bulbs.

Adapter Dimensions: 41,2mm length x 27,6m width x 10mm base

What is in the package:
1x E27-E14 Light Bulb Adapter

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