DSO1202B Scopemeter

200MHz Integrated Oscilloscope & Multimeter. Versatile, powerful & portable, 500MS/s Digital Handheld Scopemeter with 6h battery, 800V isolation, also features a spectrum analyser.



Portable, Powerful Handheld Scope Meters

Please note: We are no longer able to supply this model. Please have a look at Hantek’s newer Hantek 2C72 Scopemeter.

The DSO-1202B Oscilloscope & Multimeter (scopemeter) from Hantek is a versatile, powerful and portable digital handheld scopemeter with long battery life and both oscilloscope and multimeter functionality, isolated ground, the ability to store 1000 captured waveforms and a USB port to download data to a PC.  With 800V isolation, this digital storage scopemeter, combining a 200MHz dual-trace oscilloscope with a multimeter, is an ideal companion both in the field and in the electronic lab.  A comprehensive offering of software measurements (on both the time and volt axes), FFT analysis (spectrum analyser function), math functions on channels and XY plotting of data serve the needs of development engineers in the lab environment.

This Scopemeter is being used by our clients in fields as diverse as the mining industry and tertiary education, and have stood the test of time due to its many features and ease of use.  The DSO1202B Scopemeter offers excellent specifications at an affordable price.

Digital Oscilloscope Specifications:

  • Dual-Channel (dual-trace) oscilloscope
  • 500MS/s sampling rate
  • 200 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope
  • 8-bit resolution
  • Isolated groundDigital Multimeter Specifications: 
  • Multimeter Testing modes: Voltage, Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode and Continuity
  • Max input voltage: 800 VDC & 600 VAC
  • Max input current: 10 A (AC&DC)
  • Max input impedance:  10 Mohm
  • Isolated groundGeneral Technical Specifications of Scopemeter:
  • USB2.0 PC-Interface (Optional RS232 & LAN)
  • Battery or AC powered (up to 6 hours battery life)
  • Large 320×240 backlit displayScopemeter Software Features:
  • Very intuitive UI (user interface).
  • 23 Oscilloscope measurements including: Min/Max, Overshoot/Undershoot, Mean, RMS, +/- duty cycle and rise/fall time.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Cursors.
  • FFT analysis (Spectrum Analyser).
  • X-Y (circular) plotting of data.
  • Mathematical functions on oscilloscope waveforms, e.g. Ch3 = Ch1+Ch2.
  • 1000 Waveforms can be stored and retrieved for comparison.
  • Pass / Fail Testing

The DSO1202B Scopemeter Package Includes:
DSO-1202B handheld Scopemeter, two 200MHz Oscilloscope Test Probes, two Multimeter Probes, USB cable to connect oscilloscope to your PC, AC Power Supply, Printed User Manual, PC-Software CD, travel bag.