Cheetah SPI Adapter


TotalPhase Ultra-fast & powerful 50MHz USB to SPI Bus Converter. Extended API & Labview Drivers. For High-Speed SPI Bus Analysis.


Ultra-Fast USB to SPI Converter

Communicating on an SPI bus with speeds up to 40MHz, the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter is specifically designed for systems high-speed SPI memory.  This SPI converter is an ideal tool to develop, debug, and program SPI based systems, and with an API supporting a whole list of languages plus Labview drivers the SPI converter is suited to be used in the test lab environment as well as manufacturing and automated testing.

SPI Converter Specifications:

  • High-Speed SPI Master signalling at up to 40 MHz (overclocking up to 50 MHz)
  • Transaction Queuing for Maximum Throughput
  • Full Duplex operation
  • Fully Linux and Windows Compatible
  • Royalty-Free API
  • 3 Slave Select (SS) pins

SPI Converter General Specifications:

  • High-speed USB interface
  • USB bus-powered
  • Software configurable power output to power downstream devices (5V @ 30mA).
  • 3V and 5V compatible.
  • ESD protection on all pins
  • Firmware is field-upgradable
  • OS support for Windows, Linux and Mac.

The SPI Converter Package Includes:
Cheetah SPI Adapter, USB cable, SPI data cable, CD with converter software, drivers, code examples and documentation.


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