CC65 Current Clamp


A 65A 20kHz AC/DC Current Probe for use with Multimeters and Oscilloscopes. Measure the electrical current in a wire in a non-invasive way.

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65A AC/DC Current Probe for Multimeters & Oscilloscopes

The CC-65 Current Clamp transducer enables an engineer or technician to measure the electrical current in a wire in a non-invasive way.  Besides the fact that it can measure both DC and AC currents up to 65A, this current clamp adapter was designed to be used with either Digital Multimeters or Oscilloscopes, setting it apart from other current probes.  This enables a person to take very accurate readings of maximum current, minimum current etc.

With its small jaw size, the CC65 Current Clamp can clamp onto wires in small spaces and monitor their current via either a multimeter or digital oscilloscope.

This current probe comes with BNC connectors for oscilloscope connection.  To use it with a multimeter, you will need the optional BNC to Banana adapter.

Current Clamp Specifications:

  • Measure Current 0 ~ 65A
  • Frequency Response: DC ~ 20kHz (AC)
  • Output: 1mV/10mA, 1mV/100mA
  • Load Resistance: 10k typical
  • Zero Adjustment calibration button
  • Battery-low warning
  • Clamp size: 10mmx 10mm

Please note:  To use the CC-65 with a multimeter you will need to buy the optional BNC to Banana Adapter

The Current Clamp Adapter package includes:
CC-65 Current Probe,  Current Clamp Adapter User Manual.

Lead time: +-15 working days

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