Banana-Alligator Clip Cables


1m Test leads with Male Banana connectors to 2 mini Alligator clips. Standard banana interface cables for Multimeters, Power Supplies, etc.


Male Banana Plugs to Alligator Clamp Cables

Test leads with Banana connectors to 2 mini Alligator clamps, coded in two colours, black and red.
Keep this handy lead on hand for your next cabling project.
These Banana test leads combine the ever-popular Banana interface with commonly used alligator clips. These test leads are very useful in a lab or real-world environment for all your testing needs.
Standard banana interface for Multimeters, Power Supplies, etc.  For testing work in labs, service shops, home and industry.
An ideal addition to the XY-SK80 Adjustable Bench Power Supply.

  • 100cm male-Banana to Alligator Clips
  • Colour-coded in red and black
  • Easy for installation and safe to use.