Anti-static Soldering Cleaning Brush


Anti-static soldering cleaning brush. The stiff bristles are handy for cleaning rust, solder paste and soldering flux from PCBs and small metal parts.

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Dual-Head Anti-Static Soldering Cleaning Brush

This anti-static soldering cleaning brush is handy for cleaning solder residue,  rust and solder paste from your PCBs and ICs during soldering electronic projects.  It is also useful for cleaning rust from small metal parts, cleaning glue from mobile phone parts and removing dust build-up from motherboards and computer parts.
The stiff bristles will not easily deform and they are anti-static. A stainless steel handle ensures durability, and an anti-slip sleeve on the handle ensures a comfortable grip.

Size: 130mm brush with 12mm long stiff bristles

What is in the package:
1x Dual-head anti-static soldering brush

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