Acrylic Screwdriver Organiser


Acrylic screwdriver organiser for keeping your soldering & handyman tools like screwdrivers, tweezers, pliers, solder wire & flux, etc.

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Acrylic Screwdriver Organiser

This screwdriver organiser is a useful tool storage holder to keep your screwdrivers handy at your workbench or soldering station.  It features twelve holes of 13mm diameter for screwdrivers and other tools like tweezers or pliers, two compartments of 38mm x 25mm and a larger compartment of 78mm x 83mm.  Never misplace your soldering tools, solder wire and flux again.
Also suitable for stationary and pens, makeup brushes and anything else you like to keep organised.

Dimensions: 170mm length x 93mm width x 70mm height

What is in the package:
1x Acrylic Screwdriver Organiser

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