80MHz Oscilloscope Test Probe


PP-80 80MHz bandwidth Oscilloscope Test Probe with a selectable switch to select between X1 or X10 voltage scaling. Works with any Oscilloscope

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80MHz Oscilloscope Test Probe X1/X10

This high-quality PP-80 Oscilloscope test probe by Hantek has a bandwidth of 80MHz and a switch to select between X1 or X10 voltage scaling so you can either scale your measurement by one or by a factor of 10.   It will work with any oscilloscope, both analogue and digital.
This probe is able to measure intermediate and low-frequency signals.  It has a contractive-type acuminate hook and a 12cm earth wire with an alligator clip.  It sells as a single oscilloscope probe.


  • Attenuation: x1x10
  • Input resistance: 1MΩ: 10MΩ
  • Input Capacitance: x1: 85pF~115pF; x10: 18.5pF~22.5pF
  • System Bandwidth: x1: DC-4MHz; x10: DC-60MHz
  • Input Voltage: x1: <200V DC +Peak AC; x10: <600V DC + Peak AC
  • Safety Standards: CE-certified
  • Cable Lenght: 120cm

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